What fucks me up about the Darren Wilson fundraiser is that he hasn’t been charged with a crime. He doesn’t have to hire a lawyer. He’s on paid leave, so he’s not losing wages. This is not covering his expenses, because he doesn’t have any additional expenses. This is a reward. He’s getting a $250,000 reward for murdering an unarmed black kid.


None of this is true. This is how good the Ferguson PD’s smear campaign has been. Not one sentence here is accurate. Let’s break this down:

  1. "HE HAD TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL." Michael Brown’s autopsy showed no sign of struggle.The picture of the CT scan that’s being passed around to show that Wilson had an orbital blowout fracture is actually from 2008 from the University of Iowa, and a right-wing pundit photoshopped out the date and hospital info.
  2. "MIKE REACHED FOR HIS GUN." Officer Wilson’s story is that the first shot that went off was an accidental discharge while they were fighting over the gun. However. there was no gunpowder residue on Mike Brown, meaning that he was absolutely not holding the gun when it went off and furthermore that he was not even that close. He was fired on from a distance.
  3. "HIS FRIEND THAT WAS WITH HIM EVEN ADMITTED THAT HE LIED ABOUT THE COP JUST RANDOMLY SHOOTING HIM AND CONFIRMED THAT THEY ROBBED THE STORE." This is actually a compound lie, which is kind of impressive. His friend, Dorian Johnson, did not say that. His lawyer said they were together in the convenience store, the police said there was a robbery, and the media put those two statements next to each other to imply a statement was made that never was. Johnson isn’t being charged with anything because the Ferguson PD “determined he committed no crime." The Ferguson PD also admitted Officer Wilson didn’t know about the scuffle at the convenience store before he stopped Brown and Johnson. You may be wondering why I say scuffle instead of robbery. That’s because there wasn’t one: the owners of the store didn’t call the police and video shows Brown paying for the cigarillos! The clerk confronted Brown about reaching across the counter instead of waiting for him to hand over the cigarillos, he put his hand on Brown, and Brown pushed him. Yes, he pushed him too hard, but the clerk apparently didn’t care enough to call the police. The police were called by another customer in the store, who apparently didn’t know what was actually happening.
  4. "SELF DEFESE." The autopsy shows that he was shot on the inside of his arm, meaning his hands were up, and the top of his head, meaning that, since Brown was 6’4”, either he was on his knees or the officer was 8’ tall. The officer was not 8’ tall.

The evidence clearly shows that Officer Wilson, who had no idea of the not-actually-a-robbery, executed the unarmed Mike Brown while he was on his knees with his hands in the air. Just like all of the eyewitnesses said (except for “Josie,” who turned out not to be real).

But the Ferguson PD’s already tainted public opinion. They’ve spread so many lies so effectively that no amount of evidence will bring justice. Your ignorance here is proof of just how effective it’s been.

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nature is rad

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Tim Burton: "He was so desperately in love with Winona, that when they broke up, he wouldn’t admit it was over for the longest time."

how have I never seen this picture before, holy crap


♡ love, sex, kissing, and more ♡

If Tim Burton says this, you can only imagine the denial Johnny must’ve really been in.

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Where should we go?”
“I don’t care. Anywhere you want.
Anywhere we don’t know people.

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Vintage photos of gay couples

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Harry Potter AU where someone sees Harry in his cousin’s over-sized clothing with his underfed body and hears him casually mention the cupboard in which he sleeps and calls the fucking police

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Just because it seems teacup pigs are coming back and all I see is ~omg cute i want a pig now~, I think this seriously needs to be addressed:
"Teacup" pigs are produced by humans using incredibly cruel methods. The mothers are impregnated before they are fully grown, as babies themselves, in order to stunt the growth of the piglets. Mothers are underfed in order to produce runts (the "super cute" teacup pigs) - weak, fragile, malnourished and riddled with health problems.

When they are born, the piglets are only allowed to feed from their mothers for approximately 1 week (again, to deprive them of the nutrients and food they need to grow), they are taken from their mothers (in many of these “cute” videos you can clearly still see their umbilical cords) and in order to be kept small, are underfed for the rest of their typically short lives.

Common health problems for teacup pigs (and other teacup animals) are:

  • Heart Deformities, often resulting in a short lifespan.
  • Digestive system deformities (very common in teacup pigs).
  • Liver deformities, known as shunts.
  • Prone to Hypoglycemia.
  • More at risk to head/brain injury as the soft spot on their skull may not harden correctly.
  • More susceptible to illness and stress.
  • Tend to have more fragile bones.
  • More dental problems.
  • Higher rate of Epilepsy.
  • More prone to dehydration.
  • Physical defect where the outside stops growing but the internal organs continue to
  • Other deformities in offspring due to inbreeding often used to get such small animals.

And finally, to add insult to injury, many MANY of these pigs end up growing, despite the chances they have. Which means they are abandoned, surrendered, sold (sometimes into slaughter) and left homeless because people didn’t get the minuscule, permanent foetuses they signed up for.

So before you start with the “so cute” and “I want one” bullshit, actually think about the pigs and the disgusting way they’re manipulated, modified and abused by humans. It’s not all so cute and innocent now. So not are we now eating pigs (one of the most abused animals on the planet), we can now abuse and torture them in a different way and display them as cute accessories/must-have items. When will you people be satisfied with the amount of damage you have done and continue to support?

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If this isn’t about race, why are racists donating to darren wilson?


Is this a real thing? Because I was reading it and I was like, “man these people are trying to prove a point or something some of these are fake but, like, they’re all really sarcastic….”
What point would there be in sending money to support this man with a snarky sidenote? There wouldn’t be i think this is for real

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I never bring it up…… it’s always brought up

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Vegans and vegetarians piss me off.


*stands in front of your house and aggressively eats tofurkey pizza*

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no, we couldn’t
move mountains
but boy could
we run so fast
til they’re nothing
more than ant

and when my feet
ached and stopped
for breath, i see
you’ve taken the
other path.

MJL, some nights i still hear your footsteps running
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I know that’s what people say— you’ll get over it. I’d say it, too. But I know it’s not true. Oh, youll be happy again, never fear. But you won’t forget. Every time you fall in love it will be because something in the man reminds you of him.

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We dare you to say we don’t live in a rape culture.

Things like this get me scary mad

Oh these poor guys

How hard for you

Not raping girls

So hard

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