Why am I so fucking sensitive when it comes to you

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Scott disick is my favorite kardashian

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Straight white cis able bodied men and women,

Your antifeminist crap isn’t an “opinion”, it’s a thinly veiled attempt to keep your privilege or your ignorance.  End scene. 

this s why people hate feminism, poorly disguised hate and resentment for someone who doesn’t agree with you, quite pathetic.


I did not intend to get this drunk

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In other news, this is one of my favorite Twitter happenings to date. 

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Game of Thrones rant:

I keep seeing things about Sansa Stark, about how people shouldn’t hate her and she isn’t that bad and I almost 100 percent agree. At first I hated Sansa just because I thought she was a wimp, but as the books went on, I realized she does just have a different kind of strength. She has been brought up to be a lady, followed the rules, made courtesy her armor. And while she was annoyingly naive at first, that’s understandable, because let’s face it, she was brought up a sheltered, high born lady, by a father who was honorable to a fault (so much so that it got him killed). So I see why at first, she thought everyone was honorable, and did really stupid things…like, you know, trusting people.

But there is one thing that Sansa did that I cannot excuse, and that’s when she lied about Joffrey attacking Arya.

Now, I know Sansa thinks of Joffrey as her knight in shining armor at first, and she is so wrapped up in her idealized version of the world that she can’t see him for what he really is. I get that. And I get that siblings lie about each other and fight.

But she knew good and well that lying, and claiming Arya was at fault when she wasn’t, could get Arya’s wolf killed. Sansa, knowing how desperately she loved her own wolf, Lady, and how unthinkable it would be to lose her, basically tried to hand Arya’s wolf over on a silver platter, just to impress the boy she liked.

That is just not fucking excusable.

The only reason Arya’s wolf lives is because Arya runs her off. Sansa, if I remember correctly, knew she’d run off her wolf. But those wolves are so loyal, she had no way of knowing it wouldn’t come back. Or that they wouldn’t find it. And she put her crush ahead of her sister’s only and dearest friend. I don’t care if you’re five years old, that is not excusable. It’s just not.

And even though I understand all the other things before and since that annoy people about Sansa, I still dislike her, because I can’t get over the fact that she did that to her own sister. She’s a good character, but I cannot bring myself to like her knowing she was capable of doing that. At the very least, at the point I’m at now (which is halfway through book four) I feel like Sansa deserves everything she has gotten so far. And it’s because of that event.

End Game of Thrones rant.

Yeah, um… you’re wrong. (And a victim-blaming douchebag, but hey!)

This is what Sansa said when questioned about the incident with Joffrey and Arya:

“I don’t know,” she said tearfully, looking as though she wanted to bolt. “I don’t remember. Everything happened so fast, I didn’t see …”

Did you know Cersei wanted Arya dead? Or at minimum to lose her hand, the penalty for striking someone of royal blood?

Did you know Sansa was drunk during the incident and woken up for this sham trial in the wee hours of the morning?

Did you know that Cersei and Ned and Robert were the adults with all the power in that room and could have decided anything?

It was only when Cersei demanded that Lady be killed that Sansa, panicking, mentioned Arya and Nymeria. Which Arya had confessed to moments earlier.

[…] Arya spoke. When she got to the part where she threw Joffrey’s sword into the middle of the Trident, Renly Baratheon began to laugh. The king bristled. “Ser Barristan, escort my brother from the hall before he chokes.”

Lord Renly stifled his laughter. “My brother is too kind. I can find the door myself.” He bowed to Joffrey. “Perchance later you’ll tell me how a nine-year-old girl the size of a wet rat managed to disarm you with a broom handle and throw your sword in the river.” As the door swung shut behind him, Ned heard him say, “Lion’s Tooth,” and guffaw once more.

And Arya also defended Lady:

“Lady wasn’t there,” Arya shouted angrily. “You leave her alone!”

“Stop them,” Sansa pleaded, “don’t let them do it, please, please, it wasn’t Lady, it was Nymeria, Arya did it, you can’t, it wasn’t Lady, don’t let them hurt Lady, I’ll make her be good, I promise, I promise …”

Reread and educate your damn self. Christ.

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Here’s a test:

I’m holding a baby in one hand and a petri dish holding a fetus in the other.

I’m going to drop one. You chose which.

If you really truly believe a fetus is the same thing as a baby, it should be impossible for you to decide. You should have to flip a coin, that’s how impossible the decision should be.

Shot in the dark, you saved the baby.

Because you’re aware there’s a difference.

Now admit it


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"I’m fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in."

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Here’s a sure-fire way to know that you hate women: when an incident of intimate partner violence in which a man knocks a woman unconscious gains national attention and every question or comment you think to make has to do with her behavior, you really hate women. Like, despise.

The inability to communicate one’s thoughts is in very truth the most terrible of all kinds of loneliness.


boys? you mean sex toys that are rude and don’t even vibrate? no thank u

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